Why You Are Not Making Any Money Online

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Being sincere, making money is one of the main reason we create and invest in business, Yah, I  have heard a lot of people say otherwise, for me making money is the main aim of investing my time and money on my blog and other online business I run. I still don’t believe someone could spend time, devotion, possibly money on a business without the aim of profit from your struggles.

No doubt, like I said in my About page the aim of the blog you’re currently reading was to share information and nothing more at the beginning, discovering I could make money from sharing information and helping people do things they can’t, I invested my time, devotion and money into it, I simply made a business out of sharing information online.

As simple as it sounds, many people still find it difficult making money online, the truth is making money online or offline has never been easy or simple as many made it look like, they are a lot of e-books online this days that sells ideas and tips on how to make money online both premium and free if you’ve always been patronizing such e-books at the end of the day you see no results and you conclude your money has been wasted, and sometimes you blame or conclude the E-book was wack. Don’t you think you aren’t doing something right? Or you aren’t using the right tools to amass great results as seen and portray by the authors of such books?  Rethink.

I have once been in your shoes I just left, yah you read that correct, I just left your shoes and position not too long ago, I love venturing into many things both offline and online, I love experiencing many things too, as much as I love learning from other peoples experience, it saves ones neck from a lot of stuff.

As your online guidance, I’ve writing down top tips why your aren’t making any money online and drastic solution to every listed reasons.

When I had the idea of making money online, I was so eager to jump into it that, when it wasn’t working out I concluded every online money making tips are false and scam, is it really that bad with you? Maybe not, being a good reader I have read a whole lots of online money making E-books online, for over 1year plus nothing was coming out of my effort, I quit the money chase and continue with my blog which was still under a free host and domain. “I really got tired of reading junks” so I said.

After the first year my perspective changed, what changed it? A colleague of mine who we both started the online struggle and blogging together was beginning to make peanuts from his effort , it was such a big encouragement that rekindle the money making drives in me, after some months without result I wasn’t giving up I needed to refocus,  I sat down and gave my failure a rethink, why will he make it in the online business and I don’t? what was he doing right that I wasn’t ? I had to retrace, and that gave birth to this post, most post from this blog are from little experience i have had.

  I might not be making huge six figures monthly, but I’m making cool money that pays my bill and make life comfortable without stress for the main time, still soaring higher.

Reasons you are not making money online

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Not Selling Anything

And who told you all you just need to make money online is your smart phone? One of those junk e-books or definitely one of those ads you see online on social media? Ok, to make money online you need an internet enable device, but it’s not just all you need like they make it look like. Dear friend making money online does not have much difference as making money offline, most time the difference could be your convenience.  

To make money online, you must either sell goods or render services, not just “services or goods” but services and goods that solve problems, who wants to buy what he or she doesn’t need? Nobody, just like you can’t buy what you don’t need, nobody give a heck about what you are selling if it’s not solving their problems. Don’t get too heartbroken, you can’t buy what you don’t need either.

Selling something online can be very profitable and stress less unlike selling offline, like I said above you can just be in your house and sell things online without needing to convey such things to your buyer which might result to another expenses.

What to sell online

They are thousand and one things to sell online; most times the problem isn’t about finding what to sell, but about who to sell them to and where to find them. The world internet population of June 2019 was estimated at 7billion, the question that might be running through your mind right now could be “then why is it difficult to sell things when the population is that much”? it should rather be it should be “how do I find this people”

Here are some basic things you can sell and make money online.

Graphic designs

Are you a graphic designer? Then you just got what to sell online, they are a lot of platform you can actually display your good and services and get contacted if your services are needed, though they are a lots of good designers out there doing the same thing they probably have been there before you and you feel making sales will be difficult, the truth is simply “how you package your goods/services”. How you package your goods and services really determines the sales you make, it’s what really gives you an edge over your competitors.

Web designing

This is one of the services I render that brings in some cool cash for me; I make a lot with my knowledge of PHP, CSS, HTML, and PYTHHON. I create website for clients and get paid in return for my services.


Do you have an important information or products you think the online public might be interested in? Why not create package it into an E-book for sell? Actually it’s not about creating just anything but creating something that solves problems.


Do you have animation skills, basically can you create animation? Then they are lots of jobs out there waiting for you, all you need to do is tell the people what you can do.

This is one of the very lucrative jobs people are looking for out there they can pay a lot of money to get such jobs done; if you find this motivating and want to learn Animation, I can recommend you to a very good person who can teach A-Z for a little fee, you can also get the basic knowledge on how to create animations they are lots of materials online both paid and free, and start making money either creating or teaching people how to create animation for their business.

They are lots of services that can fetch you money online, but we aren’t talking about that today it’s going to be a story for another day.

You are not investing

The truth is your time and devotion aren’t enough, your business needs to be seen and to be seen you need money.

Back when I started blogging, I wasn’t doing it because I need money from it, I was just doing it out of fun and the love for tweaking codes to do my bidding, so I wasn’t going to invest a dime on things I was just doing for fun.

My blog needed to be online 24/7 a feature I wasn’t getting from free hosting so devoted readers wouldn’t take me serious when they try to visit the same site they visited two minutes ago and it won’t be online due to every minutes downtime on free  host. That never meant anything to me then, after all it’s just fun, but for me to be taking serious, I needed a premium hosting service.

When I decided to make blogging my business, I needed to move away from free host and get a paid host that won’t go off frequently. That was when I bought my first host with my last feeding money.

I also created an ad on Facebook (though I didn’t get my desired result, story for another day.) I learnt a lot from that experience which has given me little in-depth knowledge on how to get the best out of Facebook ads

You Don’t Buy Knowledge

One of the reasons I discovered after my one year of online business failure was, always wanting to do it myself (DIY, do it yourself) I was one of the believer of ”get it for free” or “do it yourself” thanks to lack of funds.

I wanted venturing into Online Marketing business unlike me; I bought a course from one of the big dogs of Online Marketing and Public Speaking after much delay and research online about online marketing I finally bought the course few minutes before it closure, it was one of the best decisions in my life.That resourceful course changed my life for good. From then, I don’t wait to be begged before buying something that will add knowledge to me.

You Don’t Read Wide

Though I believe I’m a better reader than writer this has helped me a lot, it will help you gather knowledge both far and near. I spend much time on the blogs of other top dogs in my line of business reading and grabbing knowledge from them.

You Are Not Networking

Like I said, I spend more time reading top blogs with the same niche than I spend on mine. I join groups on social media connect with other people in my niche share knowledge and receive; it has really helped in shaping my online money making sojourn for good.

You Are Not Trusted

As an online business man or woman, in other to sell your goods and service you need to build a trusting relationship with your customers, thanks to many scammers online who have made a lot of legal online entrepreneurs go through a lot due to trust issues .

Customers can only buy goods or services from someone they trust just the same way you can alone buy from trusted people, you need to spend more time building trust before selling to them.

Too Desperate

The very big mistake I made with my first supposed client was being too desperate. I posted on a group about the services I render and she contacted me showing interest in my services without wasting time I send her my price and that was all she left, I know you might be wondering where the mistake came from just like  was then, relax that wasn’t a good way to start with a client, especially your first client, to me I wasn’t desperate it was over exited, I was like “wow I have hit the jackpot” boom I send in my price even without her asking.

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You haven’t even sent your samples what you’ve done, why he or she should buy from you and you are sending your price, that’s not the way to start, more on this later. The bottom line is, don’t sound, act or look too desperate.

Always try to convince your first time client or customer why you are the best and why he or she has to choose you for the job this work really well when you don’t have samples of previous job you’ve done, just don’t make the mistake of sounding or looking desperate, it ruin my ever first chances.

These where just what I corrected in my path of making money online, feel free to share your comments using the comment box I’ll love to hear from you thanks for reading.

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