How to Reset or Get Back You Lost Jamb Portal Password

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Here is another problem Jambite face a lot of times while trying to access their Jamb Portal “Incorrect Password” which can be credited to various minor ignored issues during registration or sometimes carelessness, if you have been reading through my blog, you’ll know that I’m a student (final year) and i also run a cafe in my school gate, Incorrect password is one of the major problems that are brought to my desk and i charge them for resetting.

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You can save your money for more important and pressing issues, though the fee i charge is usually not much.

I know what you might be thinking right now “Anybody can just Reset Password nah, habah it’s simple nah” yes resetting jamb password is simple if you know what you’re doing and can be frustrating if you don’t have a clue.

Why Resetting Jamb Password can be difficult

Like i mentioned above, when registering for Jamb (like some of my clients) you are suppose to create and email address preferable Gmail or Yahoo, But the operator registering these candidates won’t create any email, but will just generate a random email address and start the process of registration, this might be due to crowd, whatsoever the reason is, the candidates will end up not having an email, but just an address that is hosted nowhere.

This is where the problem lies, now, if you want to recover your lost password with such email since it’s not hosted anywhere, you can’t access such email and get the resetting link Jamb will send to the email. And so, resetting or recovery is not possible.

How to Reset or Get Back You Lost Jamb Portal Password

Before following the tutorials and steps, try these random passwords that are always used by centers.





Step one

Visit Jamb portal and click on reset password like seen on the image below then

Jamb reset password

Step Two

After clicking on reset password, fill the form with your email and date of birth the same as the one used during registration. the form looks like the one on the image below.

How to reset jamb portal password

Step Three

This is where the problem lies, after filling the form the next step usually shows Error like the image below.

This is where most people get confuse, forget about the error message and check your email, the reset link has already been send.

If you can’t get the link in your email, stay tune I’ll be posting about the most sort after method to recover your password with ease, Though it requires a little HTML knowledge too implement. stay tune.

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