How To Prevent You Facebook Account From Being Hacked

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Many people do not take their security serious until someone hacks their account and then they go searching everywhere for solutions which usually becomes too late

Are you the type of persons that takes their social media security serious especially Facebook? Then read on as i list out Preventive measures from being hacked.
I didn’t want to make this post because I felt people should know the simple tactics those scammers and use. But just this morning, one of my very good friend got his account hacked again. The scammers, quickly changed his password and the email address he used to register the account thereby making it impossible to get back.

Well, you may say you don’t care if they hack your account but if these guys get hold of your account, they will be able to access all your private messages and information, download your photos, chat your friends and ask whatsoever information they want from them and even scam some in your NAME in the process, your information can be used to blackmail you now or in the future so you have to be careful so as not to get hacked
Facebook on its own is secured to prevent strong hacking methods like brute force attacks or decryption of their NAT firewall. (ahaa, there coding abilities never reach that one)
The simple method these guys uses is called PHISHING.


Phishing is a method of creating look-at-like web page. More like a website clone having different web address or URL, in this case Facebook
What they do is they send you a link and when you click on it, you will see a page looking exactly like your normal Facebook. You will be asked to login first with your Facebook user ID and password before you can access the content you are looking for and once you do that, those details will be sent to the hackers database, then he can just quickly copy them, log into your account and change your password and other stuffs. Very easy
How do you prevent them?

1. Don’t click on any link sent to you

If you are serious about your security, then don’t click on any link send to your inbox, even by friends you think you know. They will tell you to watch or download a song.

They sometimes will send pornographic link , don’t fall for it. If you want to watch porn, don’t use Facebook messenger Sometimes, they send links on group chat and comments when someone is asking a question. The link may be a form of answer to the question being asked but actually it’s a phishing link. just be careful not to enter any login details in any link sent to you

2. Scrutinize New Friends

When you receive a new friend request, make sure you do background check of the person before accepting. Don’t just accept anyhow person because he/she is cute. Don’t accept friend request which has no mutual friends
If you must click on any link because you trust it, don’t EVER submit your Facebook login details to another site while you are already logged in on Facebook.
Attached is an example of a phishing link sent to me by one useless hacker and when I discovered and told him, he blocked me straight.

a link send to hack my facebook account

3. Mobile Apps

So many of us use apps in our phone without knowing the harm such app is causing, they are a lot of apps on the internet that collect your personal details and you seem not to be aware or just being careless.

Some dubious apps can ask for your permission apps to save your personal information, do not download such apps.

I once had a friend who wanted to increase the numbers of likes he gets on Facebook, he then downloaded one app that gives as many likes as you wish, before you can access such app, you will need to login you Facebook details, what a heck? He actually used the app and it worked for him for sometime before he began to experience the the foul play in the app, the app has permission to post anything in your wall wether you approve it or not. so be mindful of the apps you download.

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4. Facebook Groups

One need to be very mindful of the groups we join on Facebook and the information shared on such groups.

People on many on Facebook groups are scammers, you might request for help on your account and someone will ask for you account details in other to help you, only to get access to it and hack it.

If this tips was helpful kindly drop a comment below, you can also share your experience.

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