How To Get a Better Sound Production on Plotagon

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As an online marketer, you really need good visuals, not just “good visuals” But good visuals with clear sounds that complements your good visuals and Plotagon is a good way way to start. I’m giving out tips on how to get better sound production on Plotagon, before we continue, for the benefit of readers who don’t know a thing about Plotagon lets take a flipping look on what Plotagon is all about.

About Plotagon

Plotagon is a website that provides you with a tool to create animated movies. Students can create characters and write scripts, as well as give their characters emotions and actions. When creating a character, students can customize the head shape, hair, facial hair, eyes, and clothes and choose whether or not to give the character glasses.

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When writing a script (called “creating a new plot”), students start by adding a scene; they can write dialogue and choose from a long list of actions for each character. Characters can also perform actions on another character.

You can choose to keep the character’s voice as it is or record their own voice. Music and sound effects are available too.

Plotagon Education movies can be exported as MP4 files and saved on the computer. Plotagon Education is also available on Chromebooks through the Google Play store. The website provides teachers with lesson plan ideas for many subjects.

To me Plotagon is the “almighty” animation app that gives you one of the best and user friendly animated clip using your smartphone.

It is not the only one though, I made a recent animation on my TL with a different animator app.

Nevertheless, you should get an assistant, if you are not tech-saavy although, you just need to be smart, if you want to make the best animation for your business.

A lot of people online can now teach Animation very well, so you can get their help.

Here’s a FREE hack to help you…

Plotagon enables users to produce voicing in two formats:

1. Text to speech
2. Custom voice recording

I will advice you use the Custom voice for a much better sound, except if you have speech impedement though.

I think Plotagon should add pitch edit on custom voice recording though, you can twist your voice anyway to either sound masculine or feminine when using more than one characters of different genders.

This hack will help eliminate those cracking sound in the voicing and also, you must have noticed the fastest of the speed of the voice quality. I also use voice changer APK app to change and tweak the sounds to my sound of choice.

Little About voice changer app

Voice changer app is one of the best voice changing app for animation, it can actually change your recorded sound to any sound of your choice. like changing your voice to that of a baby, changing your masculine voice to a feminine one and also to that of a robot, the features on this app are many.

Record audio and apply effect on it.
Open an audio and apply effect on it.
View, edit the saved audios.
Share the saved audios to your friends via bluetooth, or social networks.

It has the following effects:
robot(The best and authentic robotic effect among all voice change apps)
Old man
Twisted tongue
Creepy movie
Big robot
Small robot
Big Alien

I thing so far, Voice changer is one of the best voice changing app with the most features and tweaks available. To crown it all, it’s very easy to use, with good user interface.

How To Get a Better Sound Production on Plotagon

1. Use Good Voice Recorder

In other to get the desire sound, you are advice to use good recorder with clear and good sound pixel. For me, i use my my Nokia 2.2 and i can say the output sound is always very good and make my animation sound clear and good. it’s just exactly what i need.

2. Mind Your Punctuation’s.

Unlike you, what you write is what you get. If you do not punctuate accordingly, the speech generated will be likewise. Remember, GIGO – Garbage in Garbage out rule of computers. Same applies.

So, always put a (.) (,) (!) (?) when appropriate, your speech production will be much better.

3. Add hyphens (-) to slow down the speech.

Now you can take a look at the picture below of one of my animations, you can search it up on my TL.

This will help the voicing to be more better, slower and normal like a real voice.

Yet, I will still suggest using your own voice instead.

I hope this makes you a better animator?

Plotagon animation image
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