How To Flash My Infinix Note 4 Custom Rom

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Is your infinix Note 4 having bootlooping issues just like mine? then continue reading.

I was test running an app a friend send to me for review which demands i root my phone, since i was been paid for the review i had to root my phone, so as to give a thorough, it wont hurt , after all i can still un-root it without much ado.

After installing the app i opened and it and my phone hocked, i reboot it it was only showing the infinix logo, wow!!! what a heck. I tried other methods i thought could work (hand flashing), but it wasn’t working. my worst fear was confirmed, the only option i have left was reloading custom rom.

These are the procedures and tools of Flashing your infinix Note 4, this procedures can also be use in flashing any MTK device all you have to do is have the custom rom.

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How to flash Infinix Note 4

Step 1. Backup your phone’s data to your computer

This is the most important step in the process of flashing, i always advice you run backup of your device always to avoid losing important files.

If you fail to backup your data, you will lose them after flashing. You can find backup apps on the Play Store. Look for Titanium Backup and Helium to backup the data to your computer and you can restore it after flashing it.

Step 2. Unlock Bootloader/ Root your phone

In order to flash your phone with a custom ROM, you need to change your bootloader settings.

Bootloader is the same as BIOS on a computer. Unlocking bootloader varies from phone to phone. Once you’re done unlocking the bootloader, you should root your phone.

Rooting an android increases the chance of successful flashing of ROM. Apps like Kingo, SuperSU Pro Root App are good apps to root your phone.

Step 3. Download custom ROM

Like i said above, you need to download the phone custom rom, as for Infinix Note 4 custom rom download it here

Step 4. Boot phone into recovery mode

To boot phone into recovery mode, hold Volume Down + Power button. That will take you to bootloader. Once there, you’ll have to use your phone’s volume buttons to navigate through. Use Power button to select and enter recovery.

Step 5. Flashing ROM to your android phone

Once in recovery mode, you can select from a few options such as wipe, install, settings, backup etc. Navigate to install using the volume buttons and use power button to select it. On the next screen, choose ‘Install zip from sdcard’. Find the location where you have the ROM, and confirm the installation by swiping the button at the bottom of your screen.

Now the main deal:

I am using one of the most popular and best flashing tools for this tutorial SP Flash tool, in other for easy understanding of this tutorial you should get SP flash tool here

How To Flash My Infinix Note 4 to Custom Rom

After downloading, install and open Sp flash tool

Switch off your phone

Click on Scatter-loading by the right

How To Flash My Infinix Note 4 Custom Rom

In the window that pops up, select the scatter file for your phone model then click Open (scatter file is a text file with the word “scatter” in its name )

How To Flash My Infinix Note 4 Custom Rom

A list with ticked boxes should appear in SP flash tool (preloader, boot, recovery etc)

How To Flash My Infinix Note 4 Custom Rom
  • Untick the box in front of any item you do not wish to flash
How To Flash My Infinix Note 4 Custom Rom
  • Once the file(s) you wish to flash is (are) ticked, click Download (with an arrow above it)
How To Flash My Infinix Note 4 Custom Rom
  • Stop should now be prominent while other options should be grayed out

    Connect the switched off phone (with battery inside) to the PC via USB cord without holding any button

    A progress bar should start running
How To Flash My Infinix Note 4 Custom Rom

Wait till you get a Success message (green circle with OK), do not interrupt before then

How To Flash My Infinix Note 4 Custom Rom

Disconnect the phone, remove the battery for 15 seconds (if removable), slot it back in then power up the phone

Ensure to do a factory reset in recovery mode to clear any errors

That is all, if this tutorial was helpful or u faced any challenge doing it kindly share using the comment box.

Tips gotten from: Hovatek

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