Easy Steps to Check Your Admission Status Jamb on Caps

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A lot of students find it difficult checking their admission status on Jamb cabs. over the years, Jamb has evolve a lot for the better i believe, as newbie you might find navigating through the portal difficult and confusing.

Before now to check admission status or know if you have been admitted, all you have to do is visit the portal and click Admission Status, insert the registration number and it will pop up with your status, like i said a lot of changes has been effected, to save your money and time as many Cafe will charge you to check your admission status, which is something you can do on your internet enable device with ease, I’m given you tutorials on how to check it.

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Here is who to check your Jamb admission status

Step One

Logon to Jamb using: https://www.jamb.org.ng/eFacility../Login it will take you to a login page as the image below

Jamb portal Login Page

Fill in you Jamb Email and password and click on login. In case you’ve forgotten your login details, this article will be of great help, How to Reset or Get Back You Lost Jamb Portal Password

Step Two

After a successful Login, you’ll be taken to your portal which look like the image below, scroll down to Admission Status and click on it.

Jamb Admission status

Step Three

Click on Access My Caps

Access my jamb caps

Note: You should note that checking admission status on Caps is only accessible to that current year.

Step Four :

Click on Admission Status which is in the left hand side of the screen (for PC users) colored yellow.

Jamb admission status on caps

You’ll be taken to where you can see your admission status and some information as seen on the image below.

Jamb admsssion caps admitted

If admitted kindly click on Accept Admission or Reject, if you have not been admitted, but met your school of choice criteria, kindly wait admission continues till January.

For any help or advice, use the contact form

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