How to Buy cheap MTN, Etisalat, Glo, Airtel Data bundle and Airtime

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No doubt we have come to the age where we could say data is life, it has become a part of our daily life.

The Nigerian Communications Commission in it last year quarterly analysis report, reported that at least Nigerians spend not lest than 233.69Billion on data. According to a friend, a phone without data is useless, you can disagree with that, but to an extent it’s true,

Nigerian Communications Commission in it last year quarterly report,

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With the hike in prices of data by some of our best/prefered telecommunication company, won’t you be happy if some one is offering 30% off the price your network is selling to you, with the same time duration, as for someone like me who spends nearly all his time only, i tell you it’s a super-b and welcome idea.

In other to keep u save from scammers, who are rampaging the internet, i did some research for the best VTU dealers and came up with this list. if you are looking for where to buy cheap MTN, GLO AIRTEL 9MOBILE cheap data, then you are in the right place.

Direct Sell VTU

This is my most frequently used sellers, they are just the perfect Vtu sellers to buy from, their responsive, easy to understand and navigate website is the deal, not to talk of the quick crediting of your Network. their price is also for affordable if not the cheapest. Take a look at their price list.

Direct Sell Price List


Direct sell Data Price List


Direct sell AirtimePrice List

As seen in their website.

Recharge spreads smiles across the world 🙂

We’re tirelessly working so that people can easily support others by sending digital value quickly and safely, all over the world.

It’s so awesome that thousands of people stay connected every day by using our platform to top up their prepaid phones, or by sending top-ups to their friends and family. Our dream is that Recharge will be the world destination for paying for all living costs online.

Crossing land and sea with a smile is as easy these days as clicking a button. Same with Recharge. They connect you with those who matter most wherever you are in the world, fast and easy. Recharge their credit and data worldwide, at the click of a button.

Currently, they’re selling credit from over 600 carriers in more than 140 countries. is a well know topup company, covering over 140 countries. buying from Recharge is quite easy with flexible medium of payment

My Experience

I decided to put this well known top up company in the second position because of it limited services, and my delay experience toping up my account from Nigeria, why the later was so quick

I placed an order for Data with them, after making payment, i didn’t get my order immediately i waited for over 12hours. but notwithstanding, they are world class sellers of data and Airtime bundles and have operations in over 140 countries, with good reputation so far.

Their prices are lightly higher than direct sell VTU. i can gladly recommend them to any body who wants to buy cheap Data bundles and airtime. Price List

Data Price List



VTUtopupbox is a Virtual Airtime & Data recharge business and it is connected to all the major mobile networks. Our services are corporate recharge, CUG line recharge, Digital TV, Electricity bill payment etc.

They are equipped with modern technologies to allow you access your services easily and conveniently. their high commission to their resellers makes them outstanding in the Nigerian visual top-up business.

My experience with this VTU company was good and simple. A friend recommended them to me and that one time experience made them worthy to be in this list of cheap MTN, Etisalat, Glo, Airtel Data bundle and Airtime topup list

VTPass is a platform through which you can make convenient payment for your day to day services like Phone Airtime Recharge, Internet Data bundle subscription, Cable TV subscription such as DTSV, GOTV, Startimes, Electricity bills (PHCN) and many other services.

I successfully made payment for the renewal of my GOTV expired subscription and bought data too. Their only problem is the price which is closely the same with the various network provider they are partnering with.

vtpass vtu cheap data, airtime

This are the few VTU service provider i have used and feel i should share with you.

Note: This list is not paid reviews or sponsored post, it’s provided for ease and easy access to the best VTU service provider for affordable data and airtime..

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