Google Lens: How to Search for Words on Photo

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Wow at last, i have seriously been waiting for this feature which i first spotted on Google lens. You can now search for words on photo using Google Lens.

How To Use Google Lens

To test this is, type any word that shows up in the image you’re searching for, in this case, “Coffee Shop” and then wait for your result to pop up

Coffee shop,
coffee shop, Photo credit:

And to my surprise, It does support non-Latin and non-English searches too.

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According to Google, it was innovated by utilizing the Optical Character Recognition (OCR) that was found on Google Lens.  So, in essence, once you’ve found the image you’re looking for,  you can then tap the Google Lens button to select and copy it in order to paste it elsewhere, isn’t that amazing? yap it’s sure is.

Source: Misstechy and Google lens

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