2 Ways to Make Real Money Online in Nigeria

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You probably might have read much about making money online, and you have picked interest in whatsoever tales you have been told.

Let me guess, you have tried all tactics and none is working right? Calm down and read on.

The truth about making money online is this “It’s Not Easy” and that is exactly what many pros aren’t really telling, not because they don’t really want to. But they aren’t hitting the nail on the head, which is why you end up not getting the result they preach about. So let’s say, you now believe making money online is scam?

First of all, making money only is no scam; as a matter of fact millions of people including me, make a living online. In my last post about making money, I listed out good reason you’re not making any money online check it out.

Today I’m sharing 2 ways in making real money online in Nigeria.

They’re just two ways about making money online, if you want to make money online in Nigeria you must be selling something, either

1. Selling the visible

2. Selling the Invincible

Selling the visible

This I could say means, selling physical products you can see and touch;

It has to do with you buying physical wares and displaying them online for interested buyers too place and order and you make delivery, this is what those into mini-importation do. Importing and selling products from china and other countries.

Selling the Invincible

This refers to selling “spiritual products”…haha, just kidding!

It simply refers to selling products you can’t touch. This includes helping people solve their problems in your field of specialty (consultation), software, training courses, digital services, Ads space and more.

From the start of 2019 to date, I’ve done well over 7 figures in Naira selling digital services using all necessary tools and method that seems works for me.

I have been in the business of selling both the visible and invincible things and making cool cash that keeps body and soul comfortable without doing much, so I can comfortably say I’m in the right place to guide you with tips on how to excel, my major platform is Facebook

Are you surprised?

If you are, it means you’ve been dangerously underestimating the power of social media.

Now, fasten your seat belt, we’re about to go on a bumpy ride!

I want to show you exactly how I did this and how you can too.

Warning: If you’re too lazy to read and follow a simple step-by-step process – you can stop here and go continue what you were doing before

Selling Invincible stuff

Identify a Problem:

Problem and money work hand in hand.

If your car, phone, generator, or laptop gets faulty right now – this is a problem for you.

And in other to fix this problem, you’ll need to take it to someone who is skilled at solving this problem.

But for this person to profer a solution and help you solve this problem, they’ll require something in exchange.

What’s that?


Most problem attracts money.

This is why before we talk about making money, we need to start by identifying a problem.

For digital service providers, we look to identify digital problems.

For example;

We have a lot of accounts run by women who produce and sell skincare products on Instagram.

Most of them run ads to sell their skincare products, but not all of them know how to do this properly because this is not their area of specialization – they only know how to produce skincare products.

Now, this is a problem and I’ve identified it.

Learn The Skills and Processes Required to Solve The Identified Problem:

Identifying the problem is just the first step, but what can you do about it?

Learning the skills and processes involved in solving the identified problem is what is going to make you a hot commodity.

The car mechanic learned the processes on how to solve recurring car problems as an apprentice from his “oga”, that’s why he has the knowledge and qualified to fix a faulty car.

What skills do you require?

I identified the problem of running Instagram ads for women that sell skincare products, what skills and processes would this require?

It’ll require me to learn how to run Instagram ads from Facebook manager, the creatives, and the audience that needs these skincare products.

Once I’m able to master this, it’ll take me to step 3.

Figure Out The People With This Problem:

Money is earned from people, so I’ll need to connect and find people with this problem I can solve.

Do I need to contact them directly?

Do they have an event where do meet up?

Do they have a small community I can join?

I try to find out the best option to reach out and get in front of them.

Remember: A car mechanic will never open his workshop in a village where everyone owns a bicycle.

Create Content That Relates to This Problem:

You’ve mastered how to solve these problems, and know where to find people that have this problem.

But how do they know you have the solution if you keep quiet?

Gear up, create content and share your knowledge on this problem to help them solve bit parts of this problem.

Consistently demonstrate your expertise and show them you understand this problem more than they do.

Once you start doing this, you’ll notice step 5 will start to happen.

They’ll message You For Advice/help On This Problem:

You’re the pro here, you have the solution they need.

Take your time to talk to them and ask them several questions to understand the nature of their own problem.

If the women selling skincare product message me, I’ll probably ask them how long they’ve been running ads by themselves, how much wasted so far, how many sales they’ve made and so on.

Once I understand the nature of their problem, this will take us to step 6.

Making money online in Nigeria

Show Them How You Can Help Them:

They came to you because they believe you have a solution to this problem, but they don’t know if it can solve their own problem.

What do you do?

You show them exactly how you can help them; what you’re going to do and the result it’ll produce once you’re done.

Let’s go back to our Instagram Skincare seller. I show them what I’ll do when it comes to ads, how much they’ll have to spend and an estimate of potential sales we’re going to make.

Once they believe my process, I’ll need to solidify their belief which will take us to step 7.

Share Examples Of Past Clients I’ve Worked With:

To strengthen their belief system, you’ll need to let them you’ve solved similar problems for others like them.

Show them proof so they can confirm your authenticity and become eager to give you their money.

For our Instagram skincare sellers, I’ll send them links to the Instagram pages of skincare sellers I’ve helped run their ads and also show them how many sales we made.

Take Their Money & Solve The Problem:

You should have already positioned yourself by now, and you already know if they are going to give you their money or not.

Once they agree, you take their (your) money and work to offer the solution to them.

If your average price to solve this problem is N250k, you’ll only need 4 people per month to make 1 Million Naira monthly.

Can You Sell To Nigerians For This Amount?

N250,000 is a huge amount if you’re trying to sell to Nigerians because we know the economy is hard and not many can afford it.

This is why I’ve chosen to target international clients to sell my digitals service because they can easily afford it.

So, you should look to target top tier countries like US, UK, Canada, Australia, and the likes to sell your digital services.

Selling Visible stuff

I took interest and started online business 6years ago (2013) without making a dim, I tried all possible means to make success. But, not with the right approach, not with the right tools and maybe not with the right guide.

I learned a lot though from all this fail ventures, guess what? They actually shape my views and approach towards making money online.

Mini Importation

Mini importation business is just an online based small scale importation business.  model, where a person with small capital can import goods from other countries at a. low price and sell in the country of residence at a higher price. It involves basically. Buying and selling.

My first venture into Mini importation never yielded much gain, I didn’t loss either. I ordered some materials (shoes) from china with price tag of 11.3USD a pair, with just basic knowledge of importation, custom duty and the rest, I jump into it and invested 137.93USD (N50,000)  I ordered 10 pieces for 113.55USD, ended up paying additional  46USD apart from my budgeted 137.93USD (N50,000) for some underestimated dues. I ended up procuring additional 46.34USSD.

The main cause of my failure was lack of in-depth knowledge of mini importation. After my first experience, I never tried it again, I went straight to class and so far I have learned a lot.

Don’t let them deceive you with juicy stories and screenshot of how easy mini importation is a lot of knowledge is needed, if you are kin on going into mini importation, make deep research if possible pay for classes and attend them. I know of a guy who make 8 figures on mini importation, fortunately I’m attending his classes (paid) and after that I’ll stage a comeback.

Affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing is an advertising model in which a company compensates third-party publishers to generate traffic or leads to the company’s products and services. The third-party publishers are affiliates, and the commission fee incentivizes them to find ways to promote the company.

Just like other business I ventured into, I thought affiliate marketing was the simplest, boom, I was in, did all I could. But to no avail, I came out frustrated, but I never gave up.

I did a lot of personal research, attended a lot of classes both paid and free, but none of the strategies were working.

 I know you might be wondering what I did right, all that I’ll be sharing in my coming book (Affiliate Marketing, The Pro secrets) stay tune.

Affiliate marketing is one of the money oozing ventures many responsible online money makers go into, you can make so much that you’ll be amaze only if you know and play your coins well.

For it is said to be simple when you play and master the art of gathering and selling, as when writing this article I make cool 159.96USD monthly without much stress, I know it’s small compare to what most people make from affiliate marketing .

My friend and blogger colleague, makes a whooping sum of 600.13USD from affiliate marketing, like I said, it can be easy and sweet when you know what to sell and who to sell to.

In conclusion, to make money online in Nigeria, you must sell something either goods or services

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